Sustainability Overview

Principles, Policies & Procedures that Respect Longevity

Sustainability to us means we don’t just consider our actions today. Instead, we remember everything we do impacts our environment and its natural resources – today, and in the future. It also means we cautiously steward our own profitability.  We share our success not just with our own families, but also with those in need in our local communities.

Building a company that yields sustainability means we implement principles, policies and procedures to that end. From repurposing or discarding jobsite materials to recycling the paper we use in our own office, we work to increase environmental, community, and financial sustainability. Together with our employees, partners, clients, we are building a more sustainable future – one project at a time.

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TCB Industrial has accumulated over 600 years of experience in the installation, repair and maintenance of Hydroelectric turbines and generators.

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The millwright trade is a complicated one and TCB’s goal is to make as little impact on regular plant operations as possible.

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Process Piping

Most industrial projects are intricate and require a range of expertise to complete, which is why our clients count on TCB.

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Civil Construction Services

Building upon a solid foundation we thrive on all commercial and industrial projects to provide specialized solutions to complicated ventures.

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