The TCB Industrial Way

Building a Sustainable Future, One Project at a Time

The TCB Way: Safety, Integrity & Service

We never lose sight of what we’re really building each day. Bridges create safe transport. Dams allow water flow. Hydroelectric power generates renewable energy. The work we do moving, repairing, or building something ensures that people live better. In the process, we treat each other — and the environment — with respect. In partnership with our clients, our work benefits the surrounding communities in countless ways.


TCB is in the business of finding solutions. Every one of our clients comes to us to solve a problem. It’s our job to find the most skilled and passionate people to complete each mission. As seasoned, diverse craftspeople and managers, we bring expertise and integrity to complete projects safely — finishing on time and within budget. And when problems arise, we make things right.


We take this approach because we know we’re not just doing a job. We’re building a sustainable future — one project at a time.


Expert Industrial Solutions:

 Civil | Hydroelectric | Mechanical | Engineering & Design | Safety

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TCB Industrial has accumulated over 600 years of experience in the installation, repair and maintenance of Hydroelectric turbines and generators.

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The millwright trade is a complicated one and TCB’s goal is to make as little impact on regular plant operations as possible.

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Process Piping

Most industrial projects are intricate and require a range of expertise to complete, which is why our clients count on TCB.

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Civil Construction Services

Building upon a solid foundation we thrive on all commercial and industrial projects to provide specialized solutions to complicated ventures.

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