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Equipment design means different things to different companies. Many companies are used to the standard off the shelve type of equipment solutions. This approach is suitable for standard problems of filtration, separation, material handling, etc. Other companies will identify an industry need or market opportunity that will require specialized equipment development, design, procurement, fabrication, and coordination. This is where TCB Industrial adds significant value to our specialized equipment clients.


Regardless of whether the equipment is mechanical in nature, has many moving parts, or is a chemical process involving separations, reactions, or conversions, TCB Industrial is able to provide specialized equipment design services. We can design from a process developed by your team, or work with you to develop and refine the process model. Our team of experienced engineers and designers will coordinate with your operators, engineers, vendors, and other project stakeholders in order to identify and rank the design requirements, identify solutions, and provide options and recommendations to your key decision makers. TCB Industrial maintains relationships with multiple vendors, suppliers, and fabricators worldwide. This provides us with the ability to offer continuous support for your project from the design phases, through procurement, fabrication, and commissioning phases. TCB Industrial has experience with incremental scaling up of equipment designs from the pilot or bench scale to commercial sized equipment. Additionally, TCB Industrial can work with your team to test applications prior to investing significant resources.

TCB Industrial has supported multiple clients with several specialized equipment design projects. We understand the proprietary concerns that companies may have regarding their intellectual property and work closely with our clients to ensure everyone is protected.

TCB works with a variety of specialized equipment so that we can provide exceptional services and a quality product. Some of the specialized equipment that we use include;


  • Ludeca Roto-Align
  • Pruftechnik Inclineo
  • Vishay System 8000 Data Acquisition System
  • Hytorc Pumps up to 10,000 psi and Avanti heads up to #20
  • Pneumatic impact wrenches up to 1-1/2″
  • Pinpoint Laser Roll Alignment System w/Microgage
  • Computer Aided Drafting with both SolidWorks and Autocad

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